Cologne – Interactive City Tour

Join an interactive walking tour through Cologne and discover famous places including the cathedral, old town and also places where the citizens spend their daily life. The stories we tell in an unique way -> silent.


Tour Description

#silentseeing is the ultimate way to explore a city. Born from 2 individual concepts in separate cites, our tours are a modern fun way of exploring cities. The silent disco and walking tour concepts merge perfectly into a new way of exploring while enjoying music! Discover the city of Cologne with our guides who are nontraditional, sharp and to the point!

#silentseeing tours are wireless headphone city tours. This guided individualistic tour allows you to explore the city in an extraordinary way while music and sound effects bring their stories to life!

We love showing you the new and urban part of Cologne as well as the ancient side. Including the Belgian Quarter, the Roman city wall, 4711, and the old town around Heumarkt. The river Rhine and the world famous cathedral is also part of the tour. In total:

History – Music – Sound effects – Entertainment – Cathedral – Belgian Quarter – Rudolfplatz – Roman Wall – Streetart – Oldtown

On top of it all, we will provide you with some delicious insider tips.
We offer you an interactive history class with fun and excitement.

(If you want to learn pure history facts, this might not be your cup of tea)

Tour Info


Currently we offer private group bookings only (in German and English language).

WhatsApp: 0049174 318 48 63 (GER/ENG)



Hayco Baag
mobile: +49 (0) 174 318 48 63
Christophstrasse 26-28, 50670 Cologne